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CUB Program

CUB – The Little Oaks Grooming Platform

Just look at your little angel taking baby steps into our pre-school. Special moments such as those taking place for the first time in the life of those little souls should never be missed. Little Oaks has created a robust platform for your kids titled CUB helping them to groom their skills in an exemplary fashion.

C – Creative

U – Unique

B – Brilliant

We have diversified the CUB platform reflecting several programs belonging to different age groups.

The CUB Toddler Program

• Age group – 1.5 to 2.5 years

Streamlining creative skills in toddlers is the motto of this program. Dedicated staff at Little Oaks stresses upon educating kids to such an extent that they get to unleash their creative talent with maximum enthusiasm.

Major skills that focused in this regard as listed below.

• Motoring Skills

Toddlers are as tender as buds with a very fragile body. We have incepted this program primarily to explore their finger movements in a flexible manner. Moving fingers and hands in various directions is what they learn through fine motor skills. We extend such skills to an advanced mode with gross motor such as walking and running.

• Emotional Skills

Reflecting natural reactions of every kid through emotions in a full-fledged manner is what we concentrate upon. As part of this program, it is possible for kids to display various emotions such as happiness, frustration, confusion and anger in an unabated fashion. Kids get learn about mutual cooperation, peer support and team work with such skills.

• Social Skills

Youngsters during their toddling ages are a bundle of enormous talent and unrelenting energy that need to be explored in the right manner. Little Oaks teaching staff is adept in helping kids to learn about responding to actions and words apart from identifying various pictures and objects.

• Communication Skills

Pre-schoolers at Little Oaks display the knack of communicating in an agile fashion because of the proactive grooming undertaken by the experienced teachers in this regard. Children get to learn about ask what they want through the skills we help them hone with singing rhymes.

• Cognitive Skills

Teaching kids about how to think, how to respond and how to learn is possible through the cognitive skills that we develop in them. Teachers at Little Oaks function in an organized manner by developing a special bond with kids making them feel free. Small groups are formed to enable robust development of cognitive skills among children.


The CUB Nursery Program

Age group – 2.5 to 3.5 years

Conceptualized to tap the creative talent of your fast growing kids, Little Oaks CUB Nursery Program aims to provide the best of both worlds to them. With our teachers assigning themselves to your kids dedicatedly, every kid is a scientist trying to discover one or the other thing newly.

Children get equipped to varying environs swiftly during nursery age group. We intend to reflect the same by designing a robust curriculum reflecting their requirements in an exclusive fashion as they prefer. Music, art and reading are some of the activities engaging kids into a comprehensive learning process.

The CUB Pre Primary Program

• Age group – 3.5 to 5.5 years

Teaching kids about math concepts, letters, words and numbers will help them in realizing their social skills perfectly. The process of identifying animals, plants and colours begins during this stage. Small group instructions are given to kids so that they could perform an activity on their own redefining their creative skills. Major tasks such as skipping, hopping and dancing are assigned to them during this stage.

Crucial skills honed at Little Oaks at this level are as listed below.

• Interpersonal Skills

Your kid gets teamed up with other children to explore problem solving features apart from negotiating and cooperating. Affectionate touch given to their reactions too is best realized during this stage.

• Emotional Skills

Children have got their unique choices about every topic. They are best explored by exposing their emotional skills in an amicable environment. Sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings are thoroughly encouraged by the teachers.

• Physical Skills

Developing tender muscles of kids into stronger ones is the sole objective of physical skills. Myriad activities are focused during the development of such skills with the inclusion of activities like riding on bikes and playing with balls.

• Perception Skills

Children are made to answer simple questions making sure that they perceive in an exact manner. Diverse events are detailed to kids so that they could understand them in a sequential way. Realizing the importance of spatial management to is bestowed upon them as part of improving intellectuality in kids.