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Little Oaks is an emerging accredited play school, activity centre and pre-school chain aimed at fostering a stimulated growth environment for toddlers towards enhancing their cognitive, emotional, developmental and social learning skills. Our nonchalant focus upon multi-sensory activities propels children swifter in the age group of 6 months to 4 years turning them into pre-schoolers and kindergartners reflecting a comprehensive growth prospective.

The Little Oaks Advantage

We, at Little Oaks, take pride in introducing a unique four-day pre-schooling program every week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. As we are rigorously contemplating enormous expansion, we intend to organize afternoon classes and all-day care on an optional basis in near future.

Our pre-school enrichment programs such as the ones listed below will interest toddlers making them more involved during their everyday scholastic tasks.

  • Music classes organized by a dedicated music teacher
  • Yoga and meditation classes fortnightly to improve concentration levels
  • Gymnastic classes twice every month under trained coaches
  • Library sessions introduced as part of story time
  • Interactive pre-school trips to enable creative thinking in children

"What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child."

- George Bernard Shaw

Pre-schooling At Its Best

Pioneering the pre-schooling process with a mission to educate toddlers so that they could grow up into accomplished individuals is what Little Oaks is deviated towards. Our summer camp activities are enabled in a robust fashion filled with fun events enabling students to realize their participation with renewed vigour.

Some of the Little Oaks Summer Camping Programs are as listed below.

  • Frolic park visits
  • Children movies
  • Summer reading activities
  • Informative outdoor trips

Enabling pre-schoolers towards realizing perfect standards in life by displaying equal command on expression, creativity, calculation and experimentation has proved to be one of the major fortes of the staff at Little Oaks.

We have got experienced teachers in place who provide a healthy environment for kids to learn faster and think broader during the formative stages of their career itself. Group interaction is realized swiftly by the students who get equipped to diverse learning environments in contrast. With Little Oaks assuring maximum knowledge to every kid with optimum exposure towards realistic world, every classroom is a learning zone in itself. Early cognitive activities interpreted in the form of number and character identification will help children come across a diverse platform turning them into better thinking individuals.

Little Oaks And Your Little Angel

Providing the best to their wards is every parent’s dream. By being in line with the same theory, we have formulated a fun-based learning process by redefining the existing academic verticals in the field of pre-schooling.

  • Maintenance of 4:1 student and teacher ratio
  • Each group of students is guided by a head teacher
  • Monthly newsletters with the inclusion of latest updates